Gamification is the way forward, but only if responsible

It’s been a while I’ve posted my last post, in fact the first one.  Writing a blog, sharing thoughts within, expressing those doubts, knowing many people are thinking about the same issue out there gives such a thrill.

Thrill is what had brought me back here.

Whenever I get bored, bored of doing the repetitive tasks, bored of being alone even for few minutes, bored of doing things I don’t like, I’ve tried to identify some thrill side of it. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes I made it more pestering for myself.

The reason I was trying to find a thrill side is just to keep me not bored, keep focused for larger good of doing an annoying repetitive task. But I’d had to work even harder than usual to get the thrill part. If it was easier to get this thrill, I believe most tasks we do would be done in less time with more perfection i.e., more productivity for the corporate in a business world.

Interestingly, it wasn’t just me who is thinking of this. Of course, why would it be just me?  In this digital age where intellectual property has become a major asset, companies depending hugely on employees for survival have bet a lot on their productivity. They know traditional ways of engagement are not the real way forward.

The term Gamification has been coined a while ago but its true benefit is very recently realised by many. By making it easy and possible for an employee to get “thrill” of doing a work, greater productivity can be achieved. To keep it simple, to me,  providing the ambiance for an individual to seek and retrieve thrill of performing a task is “Gamification”.

Few of the many benefits of gamification are it increases the productivity straightaway without waiting for ages to bear fruits, easy to adopt into any company’s culture, increases employee retention, good quality of work, generally more satisfied work force, and may be less costly to implement than any other corporate activities which aim to increase employee productivity.

As I ponder through internet, I was amused to see some industry leaders talking beyond gamifying employee experience. They are talking about gamification of customers’ experience. Though it is confidently advocated to embrace gamification for internal side of the company, caution has been observed in adopting it facing outwards, which is understandable as it takes more effort to estimate the customers’ reaction.

But part of my intellectual, hope that was it, reminds me “there is always two sides of a coin”. Not being able to think of any cons and no any real stories of bad side of gamification on our social world, I was looking for risks. For such risks which aren’t identified before the subprime recession where thrill of applying complex structures for individual benefit of few in finance sector has backfired, it only comes to me the advantage itself is a risk, “the Thrill”. Excessive urge for thrill, both by employees and customers is only destructive especially in some sectors. Any benefit of gamification is only achieved by Responsible implementation of it.

Gamification is the way forward, but only if responsible.


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Catalysts are also affected by reactions. A BP Story

It is now official that Tony Hayward is out. Not merely for his actions but as a part of reactions. There is a long list of these reactions. The reaction that came from the American president, Nobel peace laureate, Barack Obama about kicking arses. Conforming that he is a good arse kicker.

If we think this is all about the oil leakage and its detrimental effect on the America’s most loved environment, is simply celebrating April 1st as our day. If we try to join nodes we can easily figure out why did this happen. This all begins with the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdel al Megrahi who is convicted for killing 290 people, mostly Americans by planting a bomb on Pan Am flight which exploded over Scottish town Lockerbie. I don’t want to go deep into the conspiracy theories behind the bombing but the facts behind the release of the sole convicted bomber.

BP had tried to influence the British government to release Libyan prisoners which will benefit company’s interest and give access to Libya’s oil fields. Though there is no evidence that BP is behind the release of Megrahi, there is even no other reason for his sudden compassionate release. The medical report that he will no live more than 3 months is also proved wrong with Megrahi still alive after 1 year of release.

So what is this all to do with the expulsion of Tony Hayward? All I can understand is, it is just the bill from America for BP to pay for lobbying the release of Megrahi. To replace Tony, who is a British, with an American. Because the release of Megrahi is not emotional to a British but to an American. And America do not want this to repeat.

The CIA chief warning to the Scottish government before the release of the Lockerbie bomber has not gone in vain.

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